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About Us


Veyna Chiropractic & Wellness has been open since July 2015.  It is your hometown chiropractic office, where you know you will get the care you deserve.  We are constantly striving to better serve the community of Lamar and bring all to a healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Emma Veyna was born and raised in Lamar. She has always strived to be the best she can be at any task at hand. After getting adjustments throughout childhood from her father, Dr. Henry Wertin, she saw the many benefits of natural healing.  She knew her calling was to be a chiropractor from a young age. After getting married and finishing her Associates of Science at Lamar Community College, she moved to Kansas City for further schooling.  At Cleveland University where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees, and deepened her love for the practice of chiropractic.  Throughout schooling she did extra studies to learn the activator methods technique, a low force technique.  After graduating, she went on to complete the courses to become Advanced Proficiency Certified Doctor in this specialty. Dr. Emma worked for an Advanced Activator Doctor for 3 years and really developed her skills and knowledge of patient care.  Dr. Emma is excited to share her knowledge of natural healthcare and healing with her patients.


Dr. Emma and family are grateful for the opportunity to be home and to serve Lamar and its surrounding communities. 

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